There are many ways that people can travel in luxury. There are luxury cars, limousines and of course buses. Which of these is the most important one and which has been gaining in popularity over the past few years and decades? Let’s examine some of these trends especially in major metropolitan areas such as Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Trends in Travel
One of the most common trends in travel and transportation is the increasing use of limousines for any special occasion. What is a special occasion? Well, in the past special occasions were weddings, proms and the such. Nowadays, special occasions are extending to include things such as birthdays, sweet sixteen parties and even romantic dinners.

One of the reasons for the increase in luxury limo travel is the affordability that is offered by the industry. Nowadays, it is not that much more expensive to use a limo as compared to a taxi cab. In fact, in some instances, it is cheaper to travel in a limousine. It is no wonder then that more people are choosing this type of transportation as compared to others. And the trend is bound to continue because people will always be attracted to great choices.

What about airplanes? You ask. Good question. Planes are the most luxurious of all forms of travel. However, planes are used for a different type of travel, which is usually for long distances. People won’t take a plane for a trip to downtown Toronto from the suburbs. However, they will use an airplane to travel from Toronto to New York. The minimum distance that would be used in airplanes is about the distance between Toronto and Ottawa. And that takes about 30 minutes in the airplane.

When it is time to travel in luxury, it is not hard to find options that will get you there in comfort and relaxation.